The tragedy of David Reimer;Born a boy,brought up a girl!

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Torn between what everybody wants and what YOU want!

It's always you and Everyone else
It’s always you and Everyone else

This part in your life when you live an inside struggle whether you’ll take a decision based on what you really want or what others want.  when you always have to compromise for this thing you really think that it’s what you want only because everyone around you convince you that it’s not the right thing for you. Not only this, but also the mere thought that others might blame you for your decision.

Almost all of us came across many situations where we had to believe that others know us better than we know ourselves. whether you’ve heard it from your mom, dad, or even your best friend.  we tend to belittle from our own sense of who we really are and start questioning our abilities instead of questioning  others.

I could relate by very simple experience I went through when I was entering university. Throughout my high school years I was planning to be an engineer. I took courses accordingly and I always believed that that’s what I want.  going through the usual family talks regarding what I want to do and so forth. Almost everyone used to give this look ” what the hell are you going to do to yourself, at the end you are a girl; engineering isn’t for girls”  same response from my friends.  Everyone kept telling me how he/she sees me, of course regardless of the differences they all had one thing in common. They saw me as anything other than an engineer.  And now I am a junior, majoring in business and I actually have doubts in what I really want to do. I feel that I’m not in the right place sometimes I feel that I belong to engineering but at the same time the construal I have and that was fed into my head for engineers keeps me thinking that no,no, maybe engineering wasn’t for me. I’m kind of lost I don’t know whether I shouldn’t have listened to them or I did the right thing. What I want to say is that.

Most of the times we feel lost because we’re living in this inner battle between what stems from you as an individual and how your social environment influences you as being part of it.  Many end up  conforming with their social environment to avoid putting themselves in a situation where they have to face the majority. or even because the power of social influence outweighs your power to take control of your OWN life.

Keep in mind everyone is busy with their own lives  and struggles. No one will live your life. we need to be aware of “everybody’s” influence on our lives before it take charge of our lives.