Beauty and Favor-in class assignment- (Eman and Bassant)

Hypothesis: The more beautiful a girl is, the more likely she’ll receive help from others or her favor will be accepted.

Methodology: Experimental method:- field.

Method Design:Assign three girls with different degrees of “beauty”
one that is so beautiful, the other is of moderate degree of beauty and one that isn’t beautiful. The girls will approach a long cue and act as if they are in a rush. They will ask the first one in the cue to do her a favor and let her take his place. The experiment will be repeated to so that we could calculate the p-value.

Independent variable: The level of beauty
Dependent Variable: Receiving help/ favor is accepted.

Internal Validity: since it’s a field experiment we have low internal validity because we can only control our independent variable. The other factors cant be controlled.

External Validity: High external validity because it will truly reflect the real life situations since it’s a field experiment.

Drawbacks: we wont be able to randomly assign people to conditions and have enough control. Therefore, people may accept or refuse the favor not because of the beauty factor but because they have are in a hurry as well, they are of different social and educational background.


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